Treatments and prices

We offer treatment at two locations. At Footmech in Reigate, Surrey, Iain Johnston offers Lunula Laser  and S30 Podylas. At the clinic in Northwood, London, Chris Schafer uses the PinPointe FootLaser and Lunula .

Chart Lane Clinic, Reigate, Iain Johnston

Lunula Laser prices in Reigate, Surrey

  • Initial consultation: £45
  • Four laser sessions of £70 each for both feet.
  • Four sessions for one foot £55 each

In tests by Lunula, best results have been achieved over four treatments across four weeks.

S30 Podylas laser prices in Reigate, Surrey

  • Verrucae treatment £150 with Local Anesthesia
  • Verrucae treatment £50 for 1st lesion without LA. (additional lesion costs to be discussed)
  • Fungal Consult £47 including preparation and photos.
  • Nail fungal laser £280 for four sessions for both feet.
  • For one foot £220 for four sessions.
  • These sessions are done every two weeks.

PinPointe Footlaser prices in Northwood, London

  • Preparation fee £45 ( This involves thinning, clipping to debride the nail and maximize laser penetration) this is added to the price.
  • Laser both feet £80 – 6-10 toes (one session)
  • Laser one foot – five toes £60   3-5 toes (one session)
  • Laser one big toe £55; two big toes £110
  • Laser one small toe (2nd to 5th) £45

Iain Johnston, H.N.D. POD(SA), MCHS

Iain has been in practice for 25 years, he has a keen interest in all aspects of foot and foot related care. He believes in an holistic  approach to dealing with the cause of the condition. His understanding of musculo-skeletal disorders and their relation to foot function and gait makes sense when dealing with foot and foot related pain.  Getting to root source of the cause of fungal infection is a passionate pursuit, which encompasses a holistic approach.

Iain attends regular meetings and conferences, keeping up to date on continuing professional development, and always seeks to embrace new treatments that resonate with Iain philosophy in treating feet. See Iain’s Footmech website.

Chris Schafer BSc(Hons) MChS

Chris is a musculo-skeletal podiatrist, registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP). He is also registered with major health insurers including BUPA, Groupama, PruHealth Simplyhealth, Standard Life and WPA. Based in both Northwood and Hampstead, you can find out more about his services here.

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