S30 Podylas

S30 PODYLAS™ is a 1064nm multidisciplinary laser platform specifically designed for podiatry. The system has a long-term laser generator without maintenance costs that allows to treat effectively nail fungus within a few sessions, without side effects or oral medication.

The S30 Podylas is a thermal laser similar to the Pinpointe laser, although it has more power, with variable settings.

S30 PODYLAS™ is an upgradeable laser system with no consumables ideal for the treatment of plantar warts, neurovascular hellomas, intractable plantar keratosis (IPK), minor podiatric surgery and new applications, such as anti-inflammatory therapy, skin regeneration and analgesia.


Onychomycosis – The S30 Podylas has a 4 treatment protocol over two months.  The laser will neutralise any viable fungal infection in the toes.  It can be a little hot on the toe, as it is a thermal laser. Most patients tolerate the treatment, with no side effects.

Plantar warts,  mosaic verrucae can be treated with laser. Under local anesthesia some lesions can be lasered in one treatment.  Without anesthesia, it may take several treatments. The choice of treatment pathway will be discussed with the Podiatrist.

Neurovascular hellomas and intractable plantar keratosis (IPK) or painful hard corns. The Clinic at Reigate is using the laser for all sorts of conditions that were previously very difficult to treat. The painful corns, can be relieved using the laser as it seals off the nerve endings, making the lesion more comfortable.