Are you paying the price for glamorous feet?

A pair of killer heels may be just the thing to make you feel glam, but stuffing your feet into tight shoes could lead to nail fungal infection, as well as other problems.

This compresses the toes, drives blood from the tips and puts the nails under pressure.

Apart from blisters, you may develop hard skin and callouses and thick nails. Nail fungal infection is another likely result of prolonged use of tight, uncomfortable shoes.

Taking the shine off nail varnish

Nail varnish is another problem for nail health. You may not want to walk around with naked nails, but nail polish stops the nail from getting oxygen.

Not only that, the chemicals in the polish are not good for the body. I advise you to use nail polish sparingly. Not all the time.

Pedicure? Or pedicause?

Think about when you go for a pedicure. Most establishments are probably clean and careful, but how do you know whether they all guard against cross infection? Unclean and unsterilised instruments could easily transfer fungal cells from one foot to another – or even from one toe to another.

Pushing cuticles back can be detrimental to seal that protects the toe allowing organisms to reside, in addition to filing with unsterilised instuments. Get the Picture? Ask to see how they sterilise their instuments.