Curanail versus laser nail treatment

Curanail has been running TV campaigns recently, promoting the brand as a cure for fungal nail infection.

The TV advertisement says you can apply Curanail to a nail that is infected with a fungus and it works up to 7 days. If you are thinking of trying this treatment, there is more you need to know.

Does Curanail work?

The Curanail official website gives more information about the product:

  • It is not to be used on anyone under 18
  • It is not to be used if you have more than two affected nails
  • It is not to be used if your fungal nail infection covers more than half a nail

In addition, you need to keep using the product for up to 12 months, because it needs to be applied until the nail has completely grown out. That means, if you start applying it now, you should re-apply it weekly to each affected nail for 9 to 12 months – which is the time it takes for a toenail to fully grow out.

Laser treatment is a faster alternative

While laser treatment doesn’t make your nail grow faster, it does reduce the need to keep buying and re-applying treatments to the nail.

Using the Lunula Laser, for example, over just four treatments, long term results can be achieved against even the most stubborn of fungal nail infections.